Véronique Durand

PhD Anthropology

Researcher, Author, Consultant 


Quando era lavadora

de elefantes

Órfãs de Esperança

É ela quem bota a feira

dentro de casa

Historias amor toxico - couverture.jpg

Histórias de amor tóxico

livro historiadevida - copie.jpg

Narrativas e

historia de vida

mulheres africanas no brasil - couvertur

Mulheres africanas no Brasil

Mulher movimento OK.png


em movimento

Povos indígenas no Brasil - couverture.

Povos indígenas no Brasil


Veias Feministas



About violence, violence against women, social exclusion, diversity, gender relations, adolescence, intercultural


2/3 hours: identities, masculinities, universality

of violence

against women,

domestic violence


Of 4 hours 

8 hours 

2 days

1 week

or more

with the same subjects


PhD in anthropology, master in literature and comparative culture, master in ethnology


Teacher, consultant, international researcher in the fields of gender relations, violence against women, social exclusion, fundamental rights, intercultural.


Author, writes on these topics. 

She also writes about dreams, about the beautiful, about journeys,

inner journey but also to discover different cultures and meet others persons.

She works for a culture of peace.

She also have her own radio show



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